What is Personal Branding?

Ahh the famous question, what is personal brandingšŸ¤”?

Ahh the famous question, what is personal branding šŸ¤”? I am sure we all know of a major brand that we can name, Target, Starbucks and Apple are just a few that come to my mind. These major brands all have specific things that stand out about them and make them different. The red bullseye, the green apron and of course, the white apple.Ā 

Branding has been known for a long time to be related to only companies, but social media has amongst other things, changed this stigma. Social media has also opened the doors to our personal lives, we are able to share our meals, our new kitty or job promotion in seconds. The reality is, no matter what profession you are in, someone is screening you online. How you take control over what they see is to create a personal brand!

So what is a personal brand? Well, just like the major companies, personal branding is a way for you to set yourself apart from the other million+ people online. To present yourself as a marketable brand, ask yourself what are the things that make you..you? What are your values? What are your beliefs? What are the unique qualities that you have? When creating your personal brand and showing up as you authentically you take control of your narrative and how others view you!Ā Ā Ā Ā 

What three words would you use to describe your personal brand?

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