Personal Branding VS Branding

Branding and personal branding are the same thing right?

Branding and personal branding are the same thing right? 👉🏽 Wrong! There is a big difference between personal branding and branding but the two terms seem to be used indifferently. You see, branding is all about marketing; the logo, the color scheme, the service, the slogan etc. Branding is what people recognize as the business. 

Personal branding is all about the emotional aspect behind the brand. According to Forbes (and personal experience) people do business with people they like and trust. Personal branding allows you to show up in your business as a real person, with emotions (that may LOVE coffee ☕️)  looking to build real relationships with their clients. It gives you a platform to build trust and maybe even answer questions before your clients commit to your service. It allows you to set yourself up as the expert in your field, and not to be redundant, it gives you control over what and how you share with your clients. 

When your personal branding photos are used correctly it can open you up to your client in a way that is not possible with just a simple headshot, although yes, you do need a simple headshot as well! Your challenge for this week (Yes, homework! Sorry not sorry, I am a teacher!) is to find one brand that you truly connect with. Look through their social media handles and website, what do you connect with?

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