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I'm LaTwanna Williams. I am a multi-medium artist, producer and educator that produces works in theatre, film/video, photography and live events. My passion is to tell a story through the arts and create a space where other artist can authentically show up and tell theirs without the need to justify or apologize for it. I curate and produce shows that have something to say! When I'm not capturing an image or producing the next show, I enjoy time with my husband and our two children, yoga and a great cup of coffee.

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What is Perfectly Imperfect Studios?

 Art in and of itself is a direct expression & response to the world around us and serves as a historic documentation for future generations. When received, it can affect our senses, influence our emotions and persuade our thoughts. Perfectly Imperfect Studios is a fine arts gallery that supports, represents,  promotes and gives a platform to women & BIPOC artists by displaying & distributing their original and limited edition artistic works. PerfectlyIS is committed to creating a space where art tells the authentic narrative of the artist without the need to justify or apologize for it and connects with collectors who what to hear their story!

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